It really is going to take a Village. Literally.

We got great news yesterday – there’s a lot on the main street that has become available….

Which means – We’re going to build a building.


Roxi and I were talking and we came to this – If we want to open by August… What do we have to do to make that happen? And who can help us? I feel like we are on one side of a river and we can see the other side…. but we’re just not quite sure how to get across. I’m pretty sure some big delegating needs to happen.

It really didn’t occur to me that building new would be potentially more cost effective then buying a property. And since there’s just not much (or anything) that’s available to rent… Well. This is our next step.

We’ve had thoughts of an old-fashioned barn raising… Wouldn’t that be fun? And now another humbling part of the journey is to know just how much help and others expertise we need. And yet, that’s always what The Butter Churn has been about – community. Its been about gathering together, rather than isolation. It’s been about creative solutions to interesting challenges.

And it keeps moving forward.

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