I drove over to see Sarah Hahn last weekish and see how the farm was and to  just touch base with her.

I dig that woman so much.

Did you know that she is currently farming on the land that her Grandpa used to farm?  And that her Grandpa and My Pops were besties?  I’ll have to dig up a picture of the two of them…  I swear – those guys – shenanigans all the time.

Because of her Grandpa, my parents went on a date (to see Xanadu.  No wonder they’ve been married a bunch of years.  It obviously started out super magical).  My mom had come back to Woodhull to start over with two (adorable) kids – and Harry knew just a guy who would be just right for her – and he was right.  My dad was best friends with Harry’s son and my mom got scooped up in the fold of the Laubs and we’ve never looked back.  Sarah was the girl with all the ponys.  Seriously.  She had every My Little Pony in the  It was magical visiting her house.  (It’s still magical to visit FYI)

So here we go – Our Grandpa’s both farmed.  And now 3rd Generation is still working with food and family and community.  Sarah’s had Beagle Creek Farm up and running for a couple of years now and has already established herself as an amazing grower.   And of course The Butter Churn is closer then ever to being reality.

I was chatting with someone in Woodhull and we were talking about all sorts of stuff and then she said “It will be so nice to have that Galva girl’s food close by at the store.  It’s just good.  Really good”

It’s fun to hear what she’s doing and what she’s looking forward to also – like beans.  She’s all fired up about beans.  Thank god – I love me up some dried beans and she is figuring out how to add that in in the next year or two.  And she wants a greenhouse.  For herbs and seedlings and hydroponics…  COOL.

I have no doubt the two g’pa’s are laughing about this chain of events.  My Pops is probably in hysterics about all this – When I was 14 and decided to be vegetarian, I’m pretty sure he took it as a personal insult.  And I’m pretty sure he would have initially said something like “What the sam-hell thing are you up to now?”.  I’m also 100% certain that at this point he would be one of our biggest supporters.  He loved Woodhull.

I love these connections.  I’ll tell you another one next week.

And I’d love to hear your connections  – stories of families and community ties – got a good one?  Please share!


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