Wait… What? Why? WHEN!

2 months ago many people still wondered “Why is this girl talking about opening a market in Woodhull?”

Now people are wondering “When will this market finally open?”

I feel the same way.

Have many of you have ever been behind the scenes of stuff like this?  My knowledge base is in theatre and birth – where we rehearse for weeks (months) and then TA-DA!  There is a play!  A Baby!  For most people the excitement is near the end.  They don’t have to be part of the drudgery of the beginning and middle.

Well lovely ones – you get to be a part of ALL the journey.  The Butter Churn continues to move forward – and yet, we aren’t there yet.

We need a location.  The original location I had hoped for is no longer the best option.  And that’s ok.  No fault or blame, it’s just time to move on.

We have suppliers and manager (partner) and a solid vision.

We have support from the community and from farmers and from the county.

There are onebajillion research organizations/papers who talk about food funding in the rural Illinois area, and yet… are still just talking… We are doing.

Can you send us your help?   Ideas for location!  Angel investors!  Prayers!

Most of all, please know – Roxi, Myself, and so many others are working on opening The Butter Churn.  It’s a wild thing to be part of all of it – AND we have invited you to be part of all it.  If you have ever dreamed of something and wondered about all the stuff to make it happen..  Welcome.  We’re doing it right here with you, in front of you.

p.s. Want to see some hope?  Check this lovely bit out:


That bit of green happiness is peas.  And what you don’t know, is that the sky rained down about an hour after I took this photo.  Beagle Creek Farms is going to make some amazing stuff this year.



I would like to say I will share.  But I’m not making any promises.  I love yummy lettuce.


I’m glad you are here for all of it.  Thanks for being a part of The Butter Churn.  We’re so much closer to NOW then ever before 🙂


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