If you can remember that it will take a long time, and be harder then you think… Then you will be better prepared for the reality of this experience.

I tell my childbirth students this bit of information all the time.   And that if they are able to adjust their mindset – they are better prepared.  It’s easier if you are prepared for a 48hr labor and it’s only a few hours, then the other way around.

And once again I’m struck by the parallels of opening a business and birth.

I mean DANG!  It’s the Middle of April already!

How did that happen so quickly?   Last time I was in Illinois, not that long ago, we were braving ice storms and flooding and POW!   Suddenly it’s April.

I’m ready for The Butter Churn to be open NOOOOOOOOOOW (ala Veruca Salt)

It’s not time yet though.  We’re still gestating.   I kinda thought everyone would like a quick update though.

  • Stephanie is going to be in Woodhull next week.  And it’s going to be a whirlwind, huge activity, tons of things to be accomplished, trip.
  • We’re at a crossroads – if we can find a place to lease, we can open soon.  If we move forward with the property, it’s going to take longer because we absolutely would need to finance and resolve everything to do with that.  (For those who are wondering – WHAT?  We have worked on numbers and realized that if we lease… We have immediate options.  Ultimately we want to be in the property of our dreams.  If it’s not immediate though… Well, it just means we keep flexible and our eyes towards the future)
  • Yet, even with that BIG crossroads, we have started to work on the bags and T-Shirts (I know, it’s small, but so satisfying.  I’m a sucker for merchandise.)  Plus we’re working with a (more) local screen printer – which makes me happy.  I can’t wait to show everyone what they come up with.
  • We’re working on the legal stuff of the business – I’m so excited with how we are going to structure the business.  I’m not going to go into huge detail here, but I can say that it continues to be aligned with The Butter Churn’s initial values and I believe will be reassuring for those who live in Woodhull, and continue to wonder “what the heck about this California gal?”.  And yet also be reassuring for all those folks who we may work with in the future when it comes to financial stuff.

So Internets… That’s some of what is going on.  I think it would be great to have a Q&A while both Roxi and I are in Woodhull at the same time – but it would be great to see what questions you already have – leave them in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.



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