I’m officially bored of my own blog AND…..

This will no longer be the place to talk about financing or whatnot.  We do not need any more posts about that dull subject (unless of course I get some outstanding money news – that I would share)

So instead….   I have some exciting news.

Like, REALLY exciting.

You know how everyone wonders all the time how in the world I’m going to remotely run this store?   And you know how I was never worried about that because I *knew* the right person would be there?  (maybe you didn’t know that.  Well, it’s true.  I have not been worried about it)

I knew I needed to find someone (or have them find me) that:

  • would love this as much I as do
  • believed in the structure of the store model
  • would want to RUN it and not be micromanaged
  • would be smart and funny and self-motivated
  • would feel that teenagers are important and that retired older people are important
  • would love food and community
  • would be smart about money
  • would see the importance and value of presentation (make the world a little more beautiful)
  • would be local and would see the possibility of all of this.
  • would be passionate.  And fun.
  • Someone who values joy

And I found her.  She found me.  We found each other.

It’s funny – the above was my list.  The In My Heart of Hearts List – those things are what are important to me.  I knew if I could find that person, then the rest would be sorted out as we learned together how to make this work.

So…..  Her name is Roxi B.

And we are going to brave these new waters together and make this happen.  (and I’ll let her tell you more about herself in another post)

I will tell you that when I asked my Mom about her she said “Well.  She’s got a big personality.  And, she’s on the creative side with her hair sometimes.  And she’s real active in church, but doesn’t always show up for choir.  She’s been married a couple times and her family is sometimes a handful”

And I looked at my Mom and said “So… Basically she’s me.”

And my Mom blinked, swallowed, and said “Well.  When you put it that way. Yes”

So how am I going to run this store when I live in California?  By trusting this amazing woman whose values and dreams are so much like mine.  And, for the record, she’s not just like me – she’s better.   She is grounded in the places where I tend to be in the clouds.  The way we compliment each other is almost other-worldly.  I’ve been described as a Force to be Reckoned With – With Roxi and I though – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

So BAM! Like that – one of the biggest hurdles down.  It’s all coming together folks.


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