Baby Feet

Tonight my girls and I spent the night reading.  They were tucked into their beds, covers up.  I cozied into a spot on my 8yr old’s bed.  She eventually got sleepy and her feet crept out from the covers.

If you have ever had a baby, my guess is that you know how delicious and wonderful and sort of creepy-lovely baby feet are ( you want to kiss them.  touch them.  love on them.  because they are delicious baby-feet).

My little-est one is almost 9 now.  And tonight I got a chance to look at her feet.  And… It’s been awhile.  When she was a bebe – I was all over those tiny feet.   Yet as she has aged… not as much.  Tonight I had her feet in my lap.  Spread my hand to cover the base of her foot.  Looked at each toe.  So lovely these little people we create.  So much work.  They change so much too.  As tiny petites they are so fabulously needy.  As tiny humans they are… like we all are… full want, and need, and oh!  tired making.

I will admit that I started thinking about the butter churn.  (lower case on purpose). <Actually, I never stop thinking about The Butter Churn> and I thought about the work that goes into child raising.  It is so lovely and difficult.  The questions!  Will the kids be “okay”?  Will we get a return on our investment?  I.e. Will the kids sleep on our couch when they are 30?  Why do babies smell so good?   And teenagers… Not as much?

As a business decision – Risky.

As a “let’s live in the real world and take chances” – yes of course.  Because it’s so good.

An acquaintance of mine just opened a “blow dry bar” which I’m sure had no problem with financing.  Because spending $30-75 for hair is a perfectly acceptable risk.

But providing a place to buy local food is a real risk.

Obviously I’m in the wrong business.

I’m really okay with that.



RIGHTNOW we’re gestating.  And I imagine people are wondering “when are we gonna have that baby!”

We are gonna have that baby.

Stay Posted.  (No blow dryers though.  Sorry)


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