Country Corners

Today started out as a Bootstrap kind of day.  You know, the kind where everything feels especially difficult and you wonder if you want to be you anymore – because it seems like everyone else is doing it a little bit better…

Part of me hates to share that because I want everyone to have oodles of confidence in me.  The bigger part says “Gotta share that” because a lot of people are interested in how things are really going.  And they are curious about all aspects of this project – so that’s the deal.  Some days it’s hard.  And the little voices that question are louder than other days.

But wait.  Here’s what I did.

First – left a message for the county Health Dept.  I want to be besties with the Health Dept from the beginning.  I want them to love me and the store and to walk in any time from any stage of our planning and know they are welcome.

Second – I called Bruce Curry of Country Corners.   He has been farming for some 40 years, and runs the sweetest farm ever.  My kids have a bajillion pictures of sitting on pumpkins, petting animals and sluicing from there.   And I wanted to know if he would be interested in helping to supply The Butter Churn with food.

He asked if I was that gal from California.  I smiled and said ‘yes”.  He said “I was hoping to talk to you – sounds like you have some exciting dreams.  Pulling people together is a good thing”

We talked for a long time.  And yes, he said yes.  Working together would be good for everyone.

And this is what I needed today.  To talk to a real person.   In a real context.  And it didn’t hurt that Bruce has the kindest voice in the world and asked good questions and…

Bootstraps pulled up!  Y’all ready to keep fighting the good fight for The Butter Churn?  Because I am.

p.s. Sorry it’s been a little quiet – my kids have been busy, and I’ve been working on numbers and suppliers, and real estate, OH MY.


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