I would die in the wilderness. For realz yo.

Tonight I made dinner for my kids and I.  (this is not the most shocking news.  I do this every night.  Dang people who need to eat all the time)

I realized that I had NO IDEA about where the food for this meal came from.

Fake Chicken Tenders (mostly some soything with breading.  I don’t know. ….  I know it doesn’t have dyes or HFCS.  That’s what I have going for us.)

I made some cous-cous .  I can spell it.  I can’t make it myself from scratch though.  It comes in a box and I “cook” it.   Pretty sure it’s a pasta sort of thing that makes me feel good about myself.  It has one ingredient and it’s whole wheat.  Winning right?

I put the hot cous cous over spinach (that I got from a bag).  And added some cheese (how the F do you make cheese?) and added some walnuts (that I got from a store.  I have zero idea where to / how to  harvest walnuts) and some raisins.. maybe cranberries (trying to add legit to my salad).. not sure…

Obviously I would die in the wilderness.

I vaguely know what to do with most stuff – but can’t reliably get most stuff by myself.  Sigh.

This is not okay.  And I consider myself to be a resourceful and educated cook.

But everything I ate/prepared tonight was purchased, and most of it I couldn’t make myself (okay – MAYBE I could grow spinach.  HAHAHHAHAHAHA.  Kidding – I can’t grow anything.  I’m pretty lousy at gardening. )

(Some of you are reading this and sighing some relief that I buy and eat packaged foods and feed my kids some sort of (fake) chicken nugget-y thing.  Others are horrified because most of the dinner sounds potentially healthy and what the heck is cous cous?  I promise I’m just human. )


Anyway – so yeah.  I didn’t really know where any of my food came from last night.  Can we please spend a moment thinking about that?  Because it ‘s weird.  I don’t want just anyone’s tongue in my mouth….. So why without any thought would I put someone else’s food in my mouth?

Just take a moment and decide for yourself about that.


The Butter Churn is the antithesis of this.  Of course you will know where your food comes from.  Because it’s from someone who lives close by.  And the spinach won’t be a mystery from a bag.  It’s just what you grow.

What do you think?  How much food in your house right now could you actually “make” yourself?



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