50 Secrets… That The Butter Churn won’t have

My oldest LOVES the RD.  (the Readers Digest.  Also affectionately called The Digest in my house.   Obviously she has the Midwest in her very DNA).  My Dad gave her a subscription for Christmas.   And she LOVES it.  Every month.  In the mail.  She finds tidbits and happenings and things to learn.  (I adore her.  And the RD)

The month of February happened to highlight  50 Secrets from the Supermarket. 

And Molly (my oldest) came to me and said “Mom.  The Butter Churn isn’t going to be like this.  Right?”

I looked her in the eye and said “What are you talking about?”   (Keeping it real.  I have real kids.  I’m a real mom.  I hadn’t read the article yet)

She said “It’s so gross.  It’s about trying to get people’s money.  And not be clean.  And not be honest.  That’s not what we’re going to do right?”

So I read the article.  And WTF?  Is this what the grocery business is all about?  I don’t believe it.  (okay I do believe it.  I work in birth after all and dang if this isn’t just the same/same with different labels)  I understand that for most stores this is what they do.  That is NOT what The Butter Churn is about.  Food is really important.  People are really important.  Relationships are really important.

Impulse baskets and narrow check-out lanes so you won’t dump stuff you don’t need anyway are not important.

I read that article and I thought about how most people don’t even know which way is up anymore with their food.  And they *hope* their stores will help them.   And they don’t.  Instead there is an exposé on Supermarkets.   What?  Sigh.

And then… The Butter Churn.  Giving a sh*t from day 1.   I’m not so sure the other stores do.  I do know this – the heart of the store is that – Every dollar spent at The Butter Churn will help a farmer, who grows real food, that you eat, that you can pronounce.

No secrets.  It’s just not okay to have those secrets.

No secrets.

Just food.

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