Because of Popular Demand

I’ve had several folks ask me how they can still contribute to The Butter Churn.  And to you folks I say:  YES.  Here is how to do it.  Click that button that says “Donate”

(I have completely lost any shame around any of this money business WHAT.SO.EVER.)

You love my dream.  Thank you.  I Love You Right Back.

Donate Button

And look how freakin’ tech savvy I have become!!!  I have figured out widgets!  I am now equiped to save the world to post more widgets. I posted one up there!  And look – there’s another one to the right!! ———————->  (well, up a bit to the right – if you are on a computer and not the mobile app)

Some of you may be thinking “Really?   You are still collecting money?”

And to that I say…   Yes.  Because… you know…..Well –   Here’s the thing(s).

Not everybody was comfortable with Indiegogo.  Fair enough.  Not everybody knew that I was out doing this money-raising business.  Not everyone knew when it would be over.

What I can tell you – is that I hired a real estate agent today.  And while 90bajillion people really love The Butter Churn, there’s about 10% who love the idea…. but eh…. they can’t get past their idea that this will fail, because they really don’t think that Woodhull could possibly sustain this store.  (Seriously, if I lived in Woodhull I’d be a little irritated at this point.  I mean.  Wow.  Other people who don’t live in Woodhull don’t think that people who live there will support this.  Frustrating.  I won’t go into the details about how I’ve heard that “small town people will say they’ll support something and then don’t” conversations I’ve had.  It prickles me.)  And grocery stores do not have a great track record (as we’ve discussed)

So every dollar that I show up with that says “I believe in this.  Here’s what I’m willing to put forward.  Oh.  And by the way – a bunch of other people ALSO believe in this, and collectively we’ve raised A MILLION DOLLARS  a bunch of money.”

Because this project isn’t a band-aid.  It’s an investment into what most people spend their lives talking about, and not always get a chance to actually do… Which is make a change for something they believe in. 

Everytime you’ve ever said “dang.  I wish somebody would do something about that…. (fill in the blank with whatever the “that” is).

Well.  That somebody is you.  It’s me too.

My kids go to a school that was named after a man who helped change his world.  His name is Henry Hammer.  And one of his most quoted sayings is “If not me, then who?  If not now, then when?”  {just discovered that Henry Hammer was quoting another great Leader Hillel, Henry modified a bit, but the essence was all there – best part – let’s all keep saying this stuff and maybe more will sink in}

I’m not going to try to say that I’m anywhere as awesome as Henry Hammer (or Hillel).  I believe in those words though.  And I know this store isn’t going to save the world, that’s not the point.  The point is that every little town out there should be able to have some access to fresh food without having to travel miles away.

(sheesh.  I got on here to post about my widget success and BAM.  Butter Churn talk…   My kids would be rolling their eyes right now saying “please can we go and stop talking about The Butter Churn?”)

Anyway – if you are wondering if contributing to our start-up costs is worth it.  It is. 

One thought on “Because of Popular Demand

  1. The only failure would be to not have tried. “If not me then who, If not now then when?” Hillel (paraphsed)


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