7 Hours Left….

A couple months ago I was listening to one of my favorite speakers and she was talking about how we need people.  How we all need people to love us, support us, cry with us, be. with. us.

Oh.  This one is difficult for me.  Because if you need people, then you must make yourself vulnerable.  And if you do that…. well, the likelihood of rejection, pain, you name it can be so tough.

While she was talking though, I of course was thinking about my Butter Churn (you all realize that this and birthy stuff is about all I think about right?) and I doodled this:


(I very much like to doodle – and that’s a little figure of me sporting my favorite pigtails – despite the fact I’m almost 40 and I realize I’m probably not going to be wearing them a whole lot longer.  Or I will and we’ll all just be uncomfortable.)

Anyway, after that talk,  I started a crowdfunding site about a week later.  I knew I needed help.  I knew that I would need lots of help.  Some money help, some emotional help, some know-how help, help.

And it scared it me.  It’s one thing to have visions of produce and fresh coffee and planter boxes and wood floors… It’s an entirely other thing to put out on the internet (and the small town that one is from) that you have this idea.  And you think it’s a pretty important and good one.

People on the internets talk.  And small towns talk.  Oh who are we kidding – everybody talks 🙂

My dad asked me “What if you fail and let everybody in that town down?  What if you disappoint everyone?”

(he doesn’t hold back)

And yeah, that scares me a lot.  What if that happens?

But what if I don’t do anything?  That was the bigger question that made me stay awake at night.  What if fear of something, leads to inaction?  I could let hope someone else would do something like this.  Bring a sweet, vibrant grocery to this town….  Then I don’t have to say anything to anyone.  I won’t let anyone down.  I won’t have people questioning my integrity or my intelligence.

What will be worse to live with?

Obviously you know the answer I chose.

And now…  With around 7 hours to go – over 80 people with their money have said:  I support this.  And hundreds more have said it with their words – with sharing the idea with their friends –  they’ve prayed – they’ve reached out.  All of it has been appreciated.  And frankly it’s humbling.

Putting myself out there, like this, has been much harder than I thought it would be.  And what I’ve found is that the overwhelming response has been “Yes – How can we help”

We can’t do it alone.  None of it.  And I’m not sure we’re meant to go it alone.

From the beginning I knew this had to be about community or it would fail.  More than ever I believe that.  Because community is what is making it succeed all along the way.

Thank You.

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