Because we want to

I *met* Patty Cantrell when I first began getting serious about The Butter Churn.  I found her online and promptly realized I wanted to pilgrimage to her, sit at her feet while she spoke the truth, and…. Wait – this sounds so creepy!

I did (lol) eat up everything she had to say, which is impressive because she is all about the food.

So, I sent her a message and she took some time to have a phone conversation with me a few months ago.  It was like talking to a rock start.  It reminded me of the time I met Ina May Gaskin (rock star in the birth world)

Anyway, I just ran across this article and dang it – she’ so eloquent – Why do we do these things?  That won’t make us rich?  That take more time?  Because we want to.

So many things in my life have enriched me, and my kids, even though they took a little longer.  Maybe we could have “bought” them for cheaper.  But they were so satisfying.  Often they were things we did ourselves.

Why do we pick, pack, and pickle cucumbers ourselves when we can buy the finished thing for half the price? Because we want to!

Why do farmers sweat their way through unpredictable weather and crops? Because they want to farm!

Why do we go out of our way to get food produced on land we love by people we love?  Because we want to!

Everybody now! Why do we choose this labor of love called local Good Food? Because we want to!

Thank You Patty for writing this down so nicely.

To read the rest of the article go here:   Because we want to!!

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