My GirlyPie Girl Scouts

Maybe you’ve read about my daughters (I have 2 – age JUST.TURNED.11!! and age 8) The 11yo really did just turn 11 so everytime you ask her about her age she practically shouts it.

Remember when you were little and you loved getting older 🙂

(full disclosure… I love getting older. I love aging and I love all the stuff that comes with it. On one hand I find it fascinating – look what we do! On the other hand – I had a sweet dear friend pass at age 38. She would have given anything to continue to age. I respect her by aging gracefully. I’m going to be 40 sooner than later, and I can’t wait.)

Sorry – went off track. Back to my girl scouts.

So our troop is all about finding a passion and making difference in the world. Gathering a team and not being discouraged by a “it is what it is” mindset.   Instead – saying to girls “See the inconsistencies. Make a change. Do what makes sense”

Oh the moxie that takes though.

I love in the GS we are teaching and modeling that from the ground up. So when those girls make choices to change the world they do so. They are supported.

I feel lucky about The Butter Churn – I have met some amazing people in this journey. And I’ve heard my share of “I don’t know… Grocery stores don’t make it in small towns”

And I think “Wait. What?”

I mean – if I showed up to town and said “I am super excited to open up a handcrafted chess set boutique” I would hope someone who loved me would sit down and say “Stephanie. Love you. And Really?”

We’re not talking that. We’re talking food.

In the Girl Scouts we motivate the girls to look at our everyday world and see how it can be better.

We don’t add the asterisk of “and it needs to be super profitable and have already been proven to work”. We tell the girls that they need passion, support, some education, and a dream.

Welcome to The Butter Churn.

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