My daughter had a birthday while we were in Illinois.

Here’s how that day went:

So it started with my kiddos getting to hang out with my parents while I was out doing Butter Churn stuff – win for everyone!!

Then, we had loose plans that we were going to meet up in the evening for my daughter’s birthday dinner.  In our family it’s tradition that the birthday girl gets to choose what we have for dinner.

So… trying to coordinate stuff in my family is like herding cats.  Honestly it’s exhausting.  Phone calls, making the plan, double checking the plan. TRIPLE CHECKING the plan.  Ugh.  I notice that the more stress that is happening around me, causes me to become annoyingly zen-like.  I speak with softer tones.  Offer lots of reassurance, and try to keep things really simple.

After a bunch of calls with my mom about the plan I finally said “Hey.  Don’t worry.  Just meet us here in Woodhull.  We’ll get everything figured out from there.”

So they left Galesburg, and met us in Woodhull.

Molly (my oldest) says she wants alfredo sauce over spaghetti for her dinner and lemon cheesecake for dessert.  (don’t judge 🙂

And I realize that there is nothing to cobble together a dinner like that in my Grandma’s house.  Nothing.  (This is not a reflection on my Grandma’s kitchen FYI.)

Here are my choices:

  • Travel back to Galesburg.
  • Travel to Viola (another 20 minutes away).
  • Start calling around to see if any body has any of the ingredients I need

And then a last option presented itself – my bestie in Woodhull said that her husband was at Wal-Mart – if he hadn’t left yet, he could pick up the stuff for me and bring it back to Woodhull.

Fortunately he hadn’t left yet.

Oh and let me add in the rest – There was crazy amounts of rain that night (with some roads being flooded) and I had a meeting at 6pm in Kewanee.  So limited time frames, and variable weather conditions with the added bit of it being a Birthday Dinner.  You only turn 11 once yo.  So it wasn’t just a typical day, but then I think – who cares?  Who wants to come home and realize that you don’t have what you need/want to make dinner and so now you have to decide if you are going out again or if you are getting creative with what you have.  Sometimes it’s fun…. But not a day-to-day strategy.

Want to know what was on my list?

  • garlic
  • parmesan cheese
  • broccoli (or some sort of green veggie)
  • sour cream

I already had cream, butter, a lemon, cream cheese, and graham crackers (for the cheesecake.)  And thankfully my bestie had an extra box of pasta.  From my perspective this is not an extraordinary list of hard to get items.

And I thought “OMG. This is so crazy and awful and I can’t believe this is happening to me Right.This,Very.Moment.  This is what it is like to live in a place where the nearest grocery is 20/25 minutes away.  ARGH!!!”

And then of course I laughed.  This is exactly one of the reasons I’m going to open this store.  It just doesn’t have to be like that.  What a hott mess.

Anyway.  My daughter had a great birthday.  And I had a real life experience.

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