Let’s talk about the fundraising…

Man.  Talk about a wild ride.  (and it’s not over yet)

indie 10

It was SO exciting to launch the initial site.

And I’ve never done anything like that before so I followed a lot of the suggested guidelines.  (are you surprised to hear that I’m a bit of a rule follower.  Well I am.  Sorta)

Here’s some of what I’ve learned so far:

  • I set the time for 40 days based Indiegogo’s recommendations.  I wouldn’t do that again.  It’s just too dang long.
  • It’s an emotional roller coaster.  Big scary excitement, followed by lulls.  Some days I wonder if I’m supposed to be doing more?   And yet, only talking about the fundraising is sort of boring.  I imagine that the last 7 days of the campaign are going to be another kind of wild ride.
  • Money is crazy business.  It’s humbling to receive money from folks who are basically saying “I believe in you.  I believe in this”.  Some donations come in and I’m reminded a lot of The Widow’s Mite and it is awe-inspiring.
  • And the gratitude….  Doing something like the fundraiser has been like being gifted to hear what people will say at your funeral.  I know that sounds odd – but hearing people talk about me and The Butter Churn has been wild.  Some people I don’t know very well, and yet, they have gifted me with their support – some emotionally, some financially, some both.  Some people I know really well and DANG.  They are blowing me away too!  And then – strangers!  Strangers are supporting this.  Talk about an awesome bit of humanity right in front of my eyes.

Before I launched the site I did a lot of thinking about the dollar amount I would place for the campaign.   There was a part of me that said “don’t ask for too much.  It would be better to get fully funded with a smaller amount” and then there was another part that said “shoot for the moon.  If you don’t ask, for sure you won’t get it.  May as well ask”.

So the dollar amount is the pie-in-the-sky, wow this would be incredible and make it all happen so much faster and better and wow.  Every bit though is going to help.  And I believe that having the campaign is a direct link in showing people why the store will be successful.  It says to lenders “Look.  There are people who believe in this already.  Not just me.”  I think it also says to those who wonder if the store can be sustainable… “Yes.  It can.  Because look at how it’s already being supported.”

And it’s not just the money.  It’s been reading what people are saying.  And getting letters and phone calls from folks.  It’s been this:

Mom Letter

Love love and more love.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the fundraising…

  1. Regarding your grocery store idea: Did you know that 2 owners have already tried to re-open this store and both failed? While I wish you luck, I’m not sure why you think another try will be a success. And it’s too bad you’re keeping all the money that’s being donated, even if this doesn’t open.


  2. Ann – Your name has come up several times in the last few months about how you write for the Radish… Is this accurate? Also, I wondered if you had a chance to see the store yet. I know initially you had some trepidation about my intentions with the crowdfunding – has your opinion changed?


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