Go Big or Go Home

When I decided to nurse my baby, I did so because I was cheap and nervous about the cost of formula.  And, it seemed like we were doing okay.

This is not a post about breastfeeding btw.

This is a post about how I breastfed my baby, and then became a lactivist, and a LLL leader and then a doula and then a childbirth educator and I dare you welcome you to talk to me about infant and maternal health and babies and birthing and, and, and you get the picture.

I have lots of friends who also decided to breastfeed.  And….. That was it.  They breastfed THEIR babies.

I love and admire them and frankly, I’m a little jealous.

I don’t know how to do that.

I don’t know how to “kind of” get involved.

So let’s talk about the grocery store…   The idea for store started almost 2 years ago.  I walked by the structure of the store and thought… “I wish there was something better here”

Now I know it’s more than that though.

Yes.  There should be a grocery store in Woodhull.  I’m not actually sure why anyone doubts this.  We are talking about a community of 800+ people.  People eat.  People can have access to food.  The sustainability question of this frustrates me.  What is the question?  Are people not going to shop at a store that sells food?

Yet.  There is doubt and wonderment.

And.  I don’t really get it.  Just like I don’t get a lot of stuff.  That’s okay with me.  The stuff I don’t “get” I don’t worry about somuch anymore.

So…   Let’s go open a grocery store.  A good one.  That sells food.  And doesn’t have “impulse bins” and calculated ways to separate you from your money.  I don’t really want to do that – have designated ways to hope you spend more at my store.  (Oh – the business people cringe at this!  But how will you make money?)  Can we please just make pay for what things are worth and let’s all eat?

That’s my goal.  Pay the farmers.  Pay the store.  We all eat.  We all win.

This should not be a new idea.

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