Another small grocery closed its doors.

When I started this journey to open a grocery store, it was because it made sense to me that Woodhull should have a place to get food that was more than convenience food.  And partly because when I would visit Woodhull I wished there was place to go where I could easily get ingredients to make a meal for my family.

It’s more than that now.

Another small town over just closed their grocery store.  Another one, and another one, and another one.  Every time I go home I seem to hear of yet another store closing.

This is happening all over the country.  And there is concern and discussion and research and people wondering what is going on.   When I hear about a store closing I don’t think “oh.  Well. I guess opening a grocery store is a terrible idea.”

No.  I think “What is going on with the business model?  Why are these stores closing?  Why do people continue to open stores that we know don’t work?  How can things be better?”

When I started talking about my ideas about the store I want to open – it was met with shock and amazement – I’ve heard how it’s “so creative”.

It’s not creative.  It is practical.  It is appropriate to a small town.  And it is going to work.

This is a much bigger conversation then most people comprehend.  There is a growing movement over local food, sustainable communities and real food.  The model of The Butter Churn has the potential to help change the way smaller communities have access to food and how they can bring economic development to their communities.

We live in an AMAZING time where Doing the Right Thing and Profitability can truly be equal partners.  The Butter Churn is that model.


Please share with your friends and family.  Talk it up, Email about it.  Share with your Facebook, your social media.  Leave a comments here and on the fundraising website.  All of the above.

Thank You!

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