Oh yes, I did actually just ask you for your financial support

DEEP Breath.

I launched a crowdfunding site today.

Oh, you already wonder what the link is?  Here let me help you:


The video makes me cringe.  Is that what I look like?   And there are so many weird pauses.  And most of all – can you hear how passionate I am about this?  Does it come through enough?  I’m not sure.  I’m desperate for you to see how The Butter Churn is going to be So. Good.

We fly to Illinois later this month and I can’t wait to take more video.  I want to try and show you all this town.  And chat with my friend Sarah Hahn of Beagle Creek Farms (her produce is AMAZING).  And try convey how all the donations will make a difference.

For those of us in California, I think most of us have No.Idea. what it would be like not to have immediate access to almost anything you want.  I mean, on my little main street of where I live in California there is a coffee shop on each end of the block.  Just in case I need more coffee within 3 blocks.  (oy…)

It’s just not that way where I grew up.   And maybe some of you heard about the weather recently in the Midwest?  Bad.  Everything closed down and roads weren’t drivable.  Whole new meaning to Food Desert when you consider that.

But the other thing…. Is that it’s going to be fun.  People roll their eyes at me when I say that and then add in some noises about how it’s going to be hard work, blah blah blah.  Well of course it will take work – it has already.  Why can’t it be fun though too?  When I talk to folks about birth, most people have heard that birth is hard (and lots of other painful things), and I like to add – birth is fun.  And I believe that.  Not everyone can see that, but it doesn’t change it for me.  So this store….  Fun.

Lastly….. My girls used to read a book called “Miss Rumphius”  (by Barbara Cooney).  It’s a story about a woman who travels, and wants to live by the sea.  When she was a little girl she told these dreams to her grandfather who said there was a third thing that she must do.  And that was To Make The World More Beautiful.  And she does.

When I walk by the property on the corner.  I think about 2 things: Wonderful food, and making the world a little more beautiful.  And I can feel in my bones how this is going to work.  With fresh produce.  Eggs from happy hens.  Food from people you probably know.  And the smell of brewing coffee when you walk in.  Creamy yellow walls, wood floors, and good lighting.  A place where you absolutely bring the whole family (if you want).

I can’t wait for you all to come visit The Butter Churn.

I’m going to stop holding my breath that we’ll raise enough money, and just believe.

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