Welcome to The Butter Churn

 Here you will find all the back story and information about our store.

Opening in the Summer of 2015!


The Story Behind The Butter Churn

Across the country and unbeknownst to each other, two women were dreaming a similar dream. A dream of a small, local market that would sell fresh foods, meat, and produce to their community. For one of the women it was a dream that involved her childhood hometown, and her deep family roots. For the other […]

Harmony Photo

About Stephanie

So.   People often ask me where I am from.  It’s a common question and I have a stock answer: Illinois.   Not Chicago. And then I smile and add that I grew up in a town of about 800 people.  Rural.  Really Rural. Usually there is silence after that.  And then the questioning look.  Really? Yes.  […]

Sadie Faye Freeman is the artist behind this.

What the Store is all About

Feed Your Family, Your Community, and Thrive. A local grocery dedicated to Community and real food.  With one focus on products that support local growers, farmers, and artisans; and the other focus on Community. Decorated in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, shoppers will be able to find seasonal, locally grown produce, raised and locally butchered meat, […]

Better be the BEST carrot EVER.

The Food

So…. What are we going to sell?      The rules are these: If we can get it local.  We get it local FIRST. The starting radius is 100 miles from Woodhull.  If you are a local grower, producer of food and food products – and want a chance to sell your things at the […]

Town Meeting Decor

FAQ’s – If it’s here… We’ve been asked it a lot.

So… You live in California.  Are you moving to Illinois? Well.  The quick answer is No.  The way I like to look at this situation though  – is that there will be more jobs created in Woodhull because I can’t live there full time.  So.  Yay! The long answer (because I know you will expire […]

2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Butter Churn

  1. We are so, so proud of you!! We are praying for your success in Woodhull and what the Butter Churn will mean to the ENTIRE region. God bless you, sweet Stephanie. We hope to get a chance to see you soon.


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